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About Altus Transformation

Altus Transformation is a global coaching company that works with leaders and their teams to transform how they work together to achieve meaningful and measurable breakthroughs in growth, satisfaction and value. 

Our interactive workshops assist our clients to think about constructive behaviour and communication. The experience we bring into each session are thought enriching, energetic, reflective and situation specific. 

Unlocking potential is what we are passionate about. We promote individual and group coaching sessions where we aid the business to deliver rapid and effective change in small, medium and large organisations.



Work With Altus Transformation

Transformation: 12 x Powerful 1-hour long sessions held weekly Accountability: Homework consisting of a personal goal workbook online e-form which is reviewed weekly al...
Elevation Programme
1 hr


I have seen Jenny for 3 sessions so far. From the very first session I found that her warmth and encouragement helped me talk about my issues around negative self- talk. I was surprised at the amount of time I was talking and I think this was the space she gave me which in turn allowed me to get things out of my head and verbalise them. We explored some key points and this helped identify, challenge and re-address some parts of my internal dialogue using verbal and written techniques. I am amazed how quickly I am adapting my ways of thinking and dealing with situations which would have been extremely problematic to me in the past. The result has meant that I am learning to accept myself more which in turn helps me focus on the world outside.

— David, Insurance Specialist